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Saturday, May 23, 2015

While the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play

Speaking of mice... We do seem to have some mice inhabiting our garage, mice who occasionally get into the house and my pantry if I have anything available for them to get at. I've emptied the bulk foods into plastic containers and keep other items in sealed plastic bins. As soon as I get lax and even one piece of chocolate is accessible, the mouse invades. I see no evidence until then. I had a small box/bag of good peanut butter creams from my daughter for Mother's Day that either the mouse got into or I dropped one into a basket below the bag. I sincerely hope it was the latter since I had eaten all the chocolates before discovering the half eaten piece. 

Anyway, my husband was the "cat" who was away last week, so I (mouse) spent a lot of time (when I was home) stamping to my heart's content. Problem is, I had more ideas than time. Maybe later.

Anyway, this post is to share a photo of almost all the cards I made. Three more using pre-order products from the new catalog are not included in this photo. I'll post details at another time.

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