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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Draft Dodger

It's winter in the north and often quite windy where we live. That means that air leaks under doors and around windows. Hence, the draft dodger (not to be confused with the Viet Nam draft dodgers of the 1960s).

I have a snowman draft dodger I made a number of years ago when we still lived in Ohio to block the draft coming up from our basement. My granddaughter loves him and sits him at the table and carries him around with her. So when her mother, my daughter, had a towel rolled up in front of their door, I decided to make her a snowman draft dodger for her birthday. Kyah wanted to pose with him when she realized I had my camera with me. These are her poses—no coaching from me.

She is such a bubbly, joyful little girl! I am blessed with four wonderful grandchildren, although the boys are considerably older (16 and 18). I still find it hard to believe I have a grandson in college!

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