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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Using our Fabric

The pattern I used for this book (it will be my granddaughter's birthday present next January) was for a Kindle cover, but I adapted it to hold a drawing pad and colored pencils. I chose to use Summer Smooches fat quarters (125411). Although its full price is $9.95, you can order it this week, while supplies last, for half price - $4.98.

I may re-post two other projects made with our fabric.


Deb T said...

Hi Davina, so you have the pattern for this you are selling? Or did I missunderstand?

Davina Allgrim said...

Deb, the pattern was from a quilt store. I adjusted the measurements to make this work. Only the fabric is for sale and on sale (50% off) for the rest of this week. I've a feeling the fabric line may be discontinued when the new core catalog appears, but I don't know for sure.